Raise You Game 2013

Once again, Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore (APSS) is hosting its annual Raise Your Game event at the Holiday Inn Orchard Road on Thursday, February 21. The full day seminar will feature ten top speakers presenting on a variety of topics to help you achieve greater personal and professional success. I will be presenting “The XI Commandments of Negotiating” and will call on at least a dozen volunteers from the audience during my highly interactive session. Sign up now at www.asiaspeakers.org

Book Launch

We have just launched 88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Greater Success at Work. Edited by Shirley Taylor, it features contributions by me and 21 of my friends and colleagues from the Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS). I wrote chapter 14, Persuade with Power, with four ‘secrets’ about framing, persuading with data and stories (two very separate tips), and creating a money phrase. My friends Rob Salisbury, Pamela Wigglesworth, Heather Hansen, Karen Leong, Bob Feldman, and others too numerous to mention also have some great stuff in there.

Published by Marshall Cavendish, the book is available at bookstores throughout Singapore. The distinctive blue and gold cover really stands out among all the student assessments, stationery, and other non-book items that Singapore bookstores sell. (When ebooks finally wipe out all the other bookstores the Singapore bookstores will not miss a beat!) Soon it will be available throughout southeast Asia and beyond. Grab your copy now!

Raise Your Game 2012

I am helping to organize a very special one-day event called Raise Your Game 2012. It will be held on 16 February 2012 at the Holiday Inn Orchard Hotel. Last year’s event was excellent, and it should be even better this year.

This event is organized by APSS (Asia Professional Speakers Singapore), the preeminent organization of professional speakers in Singapore. I am very proud to be a professional member of this fine group. We have eight keynote speakers lined up, as well as two special panel sessions. I will be participating on a panel this year.

I promise you this will be a powerful day of learning and sharing and a fabulous way to kick start the new year! I hope to see you there.

If you have any questions, please go to the APSS website at http://www.asiaspeakers.org.