What’s with all the hate?

A couple of recent news items provide interesting grist for the mill. Margaret Thatcher’s death has been met with a surprisingly large number of celebrations. I do not recall such outpourings of joy when her Yankee counterpart, Ronald Reagan, was sent off. Both were extremely divisive, so why the different treatments?

Reagan was called the Great Communicator – erroneously, I believe. He talked a lot of mush. But he was likeable and was able to connect with people extraordinarily well. Thatcher expressed herself better, but wasn’t that likeable.

The second item concerns actress Anne Hathaway and her legion of haters. People love to hate her, and the reason boils down to this: she seems too polished and fake.

It may seem harsh to hate someone for being cold and businesslike or phony and prissy, but the people have spoken. Warm, likeable, and authentic are where it’s at.