Every comma counts

I recently told a few people that I enjoyed a short vacation with the family in Hong Kong. They invariably asked me how I liked Hong Kong. Then I had to repeat myself very carefully: “I enjoyed a short vacation, comma, with the family in Hong Kong. The family went. I stayed home. That was my vacation!”

I was in Hong Kong two years ago, with the family. I saw no need to go back. For one thing, I don’t really like to see my air before I breathe it. I’m a trusting guy, and I trust that when I inhale I will get two lungs full of air every time. It hasn’t failed yet.

Here’s the beauty of my solo staycation: I did everything differently. I ate food I would not normally eat with my wife and daughter, I did no “work” but worked on a few projects not related to my usual routine, I took a different route on my morning walk, and I dabbled (and dribbled) with paints. It was as if I had a different life for three days. It was a creative and liberating experience. I highly recommend it.


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